Official Dig Dug Quarter Size Arcade Cabinet

Official Dig Dug Quarter Size Arcade Cabinet

£92.08Ex VAT

Quantity Available: 200+ units

Barcode: 5056280413516


Get ready to dig your way through the ground to eliminate any Pookas and Fygars that get in your way with the most authentic miniature replica of the maze game, Dig Dug! This highly collectible ¼ scale replica has the original arcade ROM, bezels, marquees and artwork as the original 1980s cabinet, ensuring you get the most authentic gaming experience of this iconic game.
  • Official Bandai Namco Entertainment product – 1/4 scale playable replica of the original 1980s Dig Dug arcade cabinet
  • Fully playable cabinet – plays the original arcade ROM on a bespoke emulator
  • Quarter Arcades #6: sixth in the series – collect them all to build your own miniature arcade
  • Realistic replica – everything from the artwork, shape, wooden shell, buttons, and more are precise replicas
  • High quality – made for durability, playability, and portability
  • Play your way – internal dip switch settings let you play however you want, whenever you want
  • Portable and displayable – rechargeable internal battery lets you take it on the go, or display at home in attract mode