Numskull eSports Grip pack for PS4 & Xbox One

Numskull eSports Grip pack for PS4 & Xbox One

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Take one step closer to playing like a pro and optimise your gaming performance with this E-sports pack! This accessory pack includes grips and triggers aimed at improving your control and precision for FPS games. So whether you’re a quick scoper, or you like to run and gun, this pack perfectly adapts to your style of play.
  • Official Numskull product.
  • Designed and engineered by Numskull.
  • Four thumb control grip caps to optimise performance during intense gaming sessions.
  • Four quickfire triggers (2x PS4 and 2x Xbox) which help increase firing rate with classic & quick fire triggers.
  • Four aim assist sponges (2x medium and 2x hard) to change sensitivity of your joysticks for better grip and control.
  • Perfect partner for any serious gamer!